The Pearl Report

New Brand: Shore Magic Collagen

Yep, collagen is a buzzy word right now in the health, wellness, and beauty arena. Many times, what we like to do at G&P is allow the initial flurry to settle on the trendy topic du jour, and then really dissect if we think it’d be a product our clients would like. Finally we figure out who is the best brand on the market. After we repeatedly scrolled though trusted sources and doctors’ opinions on items that are worth supplementing, we said OK, let’s find the best of the best.

Enter Shore Magic. Shore Magic is the result of Joy Harari’s scientific research on collagen pertaining to gut health and it’s relation to depression and anxiety in adults. Collagen is essentially a complicated matrix of proteins that hold your body up, and unfortunately dwindles over time due to aging, exposure to environmental factors like pollution and light, and to put it simply: LIFE. Collagen is known for things like hair, skin, and nails but it’s also essential for rebuilding tissue after injuries, helping protect our gut lining, and keeping our joints healthy so we can remain active as adults.

The beauty of SM, is that it is only 1 ingredient: sustainably sourced, wild fish skins. In looking at competitors brands, it’s common to see a list of ingredients including fillers and non essential items. SM is 95% bioavailable, and 19 times more absorbable than typical sources of collagen. Bonus: there is 0 taste or odor! Really!

Another tipping point in our research pertains to the types of collagen put into these supplements on the market: we learned that marine collagen seems to be the closest matrix to humans, and it’s super important to know what your brand uses for their collagen: is it only fish scales instead of skin of fish, is it a farmed fish that isn’t of good quality, and what is the type of fish used (SM uses cod by the way, although tilapia seems to be a popular pick for brands since it’s cheap).  Another really fascinating point is that SM uses natural enzymes (a 6 hour process!) to break down the fish skin to make it available for our bodies to fully reap the benefits, where many companies use an acid compound that can essentially wipe the good stuff leaving you with an inefficient supplement.

In conclusion… it boiled down to the “you get what you pay for” logic for this. And after we learned that a double amputee counts Shore Magic as his secret for running marathons, we said sign us up! Hope you enjoy as much as we do, and continue with us on our journey of seeking beauty and wellness from the inside out!