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New Brand: Avene

Everyone has their own story with Avene Skincare. “One of my girlfriends in Paris uses this religiously and has the BEST skin!”, “My skin was literally peeling off my face in Mykonos until I found this lifesaver at the corner pharmacy”, or “In my bathroom, Eau Thermale is on subscription mode.”

Any way you slice it, Avene is a global brand with a serious cult following. The value is high, ingredients safe, and results impressive for a French pharmacy brand. Praised by dermatologists around the world, this brand’s core revolves around the Avene Thermal Spring Water located in southern France. Their products are suitable for even the most sensitive skin (read: Eczema, Rosacea, Acne Prone) and are both hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (goodbye skin irritations and blocked pores!) Even if you typically don’t have sensitive skin, we find these products excellent to mix into our routines post exfoliation, whether it be physical or chemical (enzymes, AHA’s, or acids). Sometimes it is nice to give your hardworking skin a break with a simple and soothing moisturizer. Also rooted in hydrotherapy, this brand is a no brainer for those that travel. We don’t leave home without our travel sized Thermal Water Spray, ever. Fun stat: one of these is sold every two seconds worldwide!!!

Avene is beloved by facialists, celebrities, and models alike. One can’t go behind stage during Fashion Week without seeing thousands of Avene products on hand to prep those on deck for the catwalk. Similarly, it is rare to hear that a facialist doesn’t recommend spritzing with thermal water post cleansing, especially if you don’t have a specialized filter for you bathroom sink or shower. Trust us, try using their Thermal Spray after washing your face for a week, and notice what a difference it makes. You’ll thank us later!

Shop Avene’s Collection at Gypset and Pearl, their exclusive retailer in Northeast Florida.

Thermal Spring Water

1 Thermal Spring Water

Anything referred to as a ‘Best Kept Beauty Secret’, gets our attention. We use this several times a day and even more when we travel.

Micellar Cleanser and Makeup Remover

2 Micellar Cleanser and Makeup Remover

Something that can cleanse, remove makeup and tone without even using water?! Sign us up stat! This item is a carryon must, and deeply loved by European women for the convenience factor. Merci, Avene!

Cleanance EXPERT

3 Cleanance EXPERT

This product wins so many awards every year, most notably from the team at Allure (trust us, they know what they’re doing over there); and is another must have. Even if you don’t struggle with everyday ‘acne’, we like mix it in to help combat the occasional breakout or hormonal blemish.

Mineral Tinted Compact

4 Mineral Tinted Compact

A new favorite of ours, you have got to try this out! This mighty compact is a cream to powder formula and has maximum sun protection of SPF 50. It blends in beautifully with so many skin tones and stays put through sweat, sun, and beyond. Available in two shades.

Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion Spray SPF 50+

5 Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion Spray SPF 50+

One of our favorite SPF Sprays, this formula is hydrating, non-sticky, quickly penetrating. Not to mention this SPF Superstar is loaded with antioxidants, water resistant, and Oxybenzone free! Yes, please!