The Pearl Report

Summer Skincare Checklist

Prep, Glow & Repeat

All of us at Gypset and Pearl have been counting down to our favorite season of the year, you guessed it, SUMMER! Long days lounging at the beach, and even longer evenings spent hopping from one social gathering to the next, require suncare protection and products that help our skin bounce back from dehydration, tiredness, and the occasional chance we enjoyed one too many mojitos the night before. Follow along with us as we highlight some very simple steps to ensure your skin is healthy and glowing all season long! And don’t forget to come into Gypset and Pearl, so we can help you select skincare products that will be perfect for all of your needs!


Cleansing may seem like ‘Skincare 101’ and the most self-explanatory step, but it’s just as important as the rest of your routine. During summer, it’s crucial that after laying out in the sun or working in the garden, you cleanse to remove the dirt, oil, and sweat you may have encountered. Be sure to not exclusively use an exfoliating cleanser however, because although you’d think repeatedly scrubbing your skin will cleanse and stop oil production and shine, it can actually cause your skin to become even more oily. No one wants this during hot and humid summers (especially in Northeast Florida)! Make sure to alternate with a cleanser that’s gentle and hydrating to keep enlarged pores at bay and cover all of your skin’s needs. We especially like to practice our facial massage technique during this step of our routine for a deep clean and spa-like experience.


Exfoliation is an often overlooked concept, but truly sets you up for success. Think of it as priming your skin before serums and moisturizers, so that they can be fully absorbed into the layers of your skin. Exfoliation also boosts collagen production and speeds up the turnover of skin cells which results in plump, youthful, and fresh features. Ensure you’re exfoliating at least once to twice per week (or more depending on skin type) using your favorite exfoliating cleansers, devices, and body scrubs. If you’re ready to take exfoliation to the next level, we can’t speak highly enough of the benefits you get from dry brushing. Dry brushing your body will not only give you dramatically smoother skin, but increased circulation that yields taut and toned limbs, cores, and derrières (Hello Swimsuit Season!) If you’re not sold on dry brushing, just ask our friends at Vogue, Shape, or Huffington Post.


Moisturizing is an absolutely imperative step in our skincare checklist. This basically gives your skin a large drink of water which keeps the skin on your face and body hydrated, but also prevents our dreaded enemy: wrinkles! One may need to adjust your moisturizer from season to season (it’s always great idea to use an SPF packed lotion in the daytime), but don’t underestimate the power of keeping your skin hydrated all year long. If you are a sun worshipper, make sure you invest in an apres sun lotion which will help slow the signs of dehydration and sagging skin. You’ll never regret having a little sheen or shimmer on those gorgeous limbs of yours! Expert tip: after a day at the beach, we break out one of our favorite facial oils post cleansing to heal skin and prevent UV damage from appearing. Just be sure to stay out of the sun after applying the oil so that you don’t risk a nasty burn!

While on the topic of moisture, we can’t forget to stress the importance of having a great eye cream. Please don’t skip this step. Eyes are one of the first tell tale signs of aging, and as they’re a very delicate area on the face, they need specialized formulas! If you have specific concerns regarding your lovely peepers, read on to make sure you’re selecting a serum that is tackling those issues.


While we love having a nice bronzed, glow all summer long, we can’t ignore the need to protect ourselves from sun spots, wrinkles, and scariest of all: skin cancer! This step in our Summer Skincare checklist isn’t difficult to do, but does require diligence not only on full blown beach days, but any morning or afternoon you plan on being outside and not covered by shade (yes, this means even while you’re driving your car)! Make sure to do your research on sunscreens and pick up a high quality formula that protects and conditions your skin. There are some great sunscreen options out there for everyone, from those that have super sensitive skin, to those who are looking for added skincare benefits in their sun protection.


We’re all guilty of it- staying at beach for one last dip in the ocean, having another tasty frozen beverage on a hot summer day, or even caving to one more spin on the dance floor during girl’s night out.

Instead of feeling guilty after (or worse yet, not enjoying yourself in the first place), focus your energy on treating your skin for the distress of the previous or upcoming day. Simple things adding a serum into your routine, are quick and easy ways to make sure your skin is getting the extra attention it needs. Think of serums like you would antibiotics. These potent liquids, gels, and creams will address specific concerns like: lifting sagging skin, erasing past sun damage, and correcting dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles. Apply these prior to moisturizer application for full absorption rate. At Gypset and Pearl, we like to have 2-3 serums we alternate during the week to ensure we’re addressing all of our concerns. Bonus: This means your skin won’t get ‘used’ to the same product everyday and you will fully reap the benefits of these fabulous products.

Masks are another great way to inject some extra TLC into your regimen. Like serums, the G&P team always has more than one mask on hand to achieve maximum results and address multiple concerns. Expert tip: sometimes we even customize our mask applications and use a hydrating formula near eyes and cheeks, and a purifying formula to tackle our sometimes problematic T-Zone. If you find yourself saying, “I don’t have the time to use tricky masks and sit around waiting for them to dry”, try applying your mask before doing your everyday chores: online banking, throwing dinner into the oven, or even waiting on the laundry to finish drying. You get double points for being double productive.