The Pearl Report

An Ode To Loungewear

Who says you can’t wear your nightwear all day long when it looks this lovely?

“Hi, my name is Carrie and I have a serious addiction to luxe pajamas, chemises, and robes,” (name has been changed to protect the identity of the fashionable).

We admit it, we’re obsessed with loungewear.

Our fixation began when we were young. After bath time, there was nothing more gratifying than being cuddled up in fleecy pj’s donning pastel colors, favorite animals, or beloved animated characters (Care Bears, anyone?)

It’s safe to say however, that we’ve come a long way and have really upped our jammie game.

It’s hard not to be in love with the all of gorgeous styles and luxurious fabrics that are now on the market for underpinnings and lounging essentials. One of our all time favorite loungewear labels comes from the worldwide lifestyle brand, Eberjey.

The uber luxurious rayon-jersey blend used in many of their pieces, will leave you wondering why you’ve been settling all these years on pj’s that are ‘kind of soft’ or ‘cute enough’. The charming (yet subtly sexy) styles Eberjey puts out season after season, are enough to make one do a total overhaul of their loungewear collection. After all, one can never have too many gorgeous chemises. Do yourself a favor and pop into Gypset and Pearl to see Eberjey’s newest collection. Trust us, you won’t ever look back.

Photocredit: Eberjey