Gypset and Pearl is a women’s lifestyle boutique for daydreamers and jetsetters alike. It offers a highly curated mix of all things fabulous for the face, body, and home. Many products are truly unique and hard to find anywhere else.

We believe in products steeped in quality and craftsmanship, brands that inspire, and treating one’s self whenever possible. Above everything, we want our customers to feel great, look even better, and leave our store ready to take off on their next adventure—whether the destination is around the corner or across the globe!

About Founder
Brittany Cramer Manning

About Founder<br/>Brittany Cramer Manning

Equal parts ambition, wanderlust, and passion make up most of what Brittany is today. After spending many incredible years in Manhattan and traveling throughout the world, Brittany came to realize that a lot of her favorite brands she discovered, were not easy to find at local stores and familiar retailers. The idea for Gypset and Pearl is founded on that principle, so that in case you can’t make it to the beaches of Maui or mountains of Morocco, Gypset and Pearl will share its treasures with you all the same. When not at Gypset and Pearl, you can find Brittany strolling up and down Jax Beach with her husband, Josh and their beloved poodle, Cassidy, daydreaming about their next adventure.

Why Jacksonville Beach

Why Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach holds a special place in Brittany’s heart and was the only location charming enough to lure her away from the East Village in NYC. With friendly neighbors, maritime influences, and a thriving business scene, Jax Beach was the obvious locale to establish and launch Gypset and Pearl in. Brittany aims to serve not only Jax Beach natives, but the surrounding cities and beach communities, too. Be sure to stay informed of when & where Gypset and Pearl might pop up at in your neighborhood, by joining our email list!